Second season of the adaptation of Isuna Hasekura’s light novels. For the second season, the former animation studio (IMAGIN) has been replaced by Brains Base as the studio primarily responsible for animation production. Craft Lawrence is a peddler who trades in various kinds of goods, visiting every village by cart. After he leaves the town of Pasroe, which was in the midst of a harvest festival, he finds a girl sleeping on a pile of fur in his cart. She is a beautiful girl, but she has the ears and tail of a wolf. She calls herself Horo - the Sage Wolf Horo - god of the harvest. Her craft is the art of conversation, and even Lawrence, an experienced peddler, is outmaneuvered by her. Although he doubts her identity as a god, he is moved by her wish to return to her home in the north, and so he promises to go with her. (AnimeNfo)